EUSDR International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart”

EU Expert & Trainer
in Individual and Team Resilience


EUSDR International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD)

EU Expert & Trainer in Individual and Team Resilience 

Postgraduate short-term and online-learning course

Preventing and fighting stress and anxiety is an important issue in the context of the health crisis and post-pandemic, due to the alarming increase of managers, decision-makers and anyone else who need this type of customized counselling and training to increase resilience, connected to various challenges at work, but also in the case of travel restriction, remote work, cancellation of personal holidays or vacations, etc.

In this regard, for instance, the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy (IRPI) from USA introduced a special program, with extremely good results, being highly requested last year from a practical point of view.

Usually associated with recovery from a period of crisis, at personal or social level, we refer to RESILIENCE as that positive ability to adapt to new situations, such as hostile contexts, including the strengthening of own energy and flexibility, both in personal life and at work.

cf. Linda Lundberg

Resilience Consultant

Who are the professionals this approach is addressed to ?

• psychologists and counselors in personal development, who want to be specifically trained for this type of support activity and alternative therapies;
• all those who want to practice a healthy diet and lifestyle, which will increase the resilience in their career success and personal life.

Examples of career opportunities requested in an international context

  • Chief Resilience Officer
  • Care Health & Resilient Practitioner
  • Teacher Resilience
  • IT&C Resilience Manager
  • Director of People and Resilience Culture
  • Prevention Educator & Resilience Trainer
  • Supervisor of Advocacy Resilience Services
  • Trauma Therapy Advocacy & Resilience Trainers

Main topics

The main curriculla are based on the experience already gained in the last decade, during live and online trainings, in co-operation with other centers and institutions, by the International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart”, founded by EUROLINK – House of Europe, EUNET member, in partnership with the Romanian Academy (2012), member of the International Science Council.

Resilience is closely linked to a set of practical skills, that are meant to increase adaptability and orientation towards an optimistic and pragmatic decision, a reconnection to the social environment, starting from enhanced premises. A career in resilience is more relevant than ever, because it refers to the ability of adjusting to professional change, both in career and individually, in European and international context, regardless of the circumstances in which the personal development takes place, with imminent highs and lows.

In approaching the course, we will refer to four types of resilience:
• psychological resilience;
• emotional resilience;
• physical resilience;
• community resilience. 

1. What are the advantages of a career in Resilience within pandemic context ?
2. Which are and how can the seven skills in the field of Resilience be developed ?
3. How Resilience leads to enhancing career success ?
4. What are the benefits for organizations in acquiring a Culture of Resilience ?
5. Best-practice models in strengthening Resilience at work.
6. The benefits of adopting Resilience strategies to increase well-being.
7. Strategies and tips for developing personal and adaptive skills.


EUSDR “Jean Bart” International Honorary Chair (CIO-SUERD), project coordinated by EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation (member of the European Network for Education & Training – EUNET) and founded in partnership with the Romanian Academy (2012) .

Honorary Scientific Council / Mentors of this course:

Gabriel BULBOACĂ, PhD candidate – Specialist in psychology, Member of the Romanian College of Psychologists, specialization in Augsburg, Germany, and Master in Human Resources

Assoc. Prof. Gabriela DAVID, PhD – Graduate of the Post-Doctoral School of the Romanian Academy (INCE), President of Pro Education David Foundation (Oradea)

Prof. Teclu CODREȘI – Founder of the “Saint Steven” Sanitary Post-High School / President of the Romanian Ecological Action Foundation

Prof. Sandu ZAMFIRESCU – Graduate of Moral Philosophy, Master in International Relations (University of Bucharest), Knowledge Management Specialist

General Coordinator: Prof. Assoc. Sever AVRAM, Associate Researcher of the Romanian Academy / Coach for Healthy Nutrition / National Certified Trainer


The online program is a post-graduate type course, which is also framed within the UNESCO Institute and the European Commission concept of “lifelong-learning”. The courses are conducted online, including 40-hour course, plus personalized counseling, live or online (by request), supported by a dedicated educational platform, accessible to any student, in a flexible way.

Participants receive, after the final assessment, the Graduation Certificate: EU Expert & Trainer in Individual and Team Resilience, accompanied by a detailed Annex including the modules and the assessment method, issued by the EUSDR International Honorary Chair „Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD), project founded by EUROLINK Foundation-House of Europe, in partnership with INCE – Biodiversity Center „Acad. David DAVIDESCU ” of the Romanian Academy (member of Romania in the International Science Council, Paris), an educational institution that, together with the Ministry of Education, is empowered, by law, to organize post-graduate training courses and other advanced strategic studies.

The certificate can also be issued in English, with the Learning Annex. At the same time, for other motivated applicants from abroad, the course will be available in English.

Conditions of participation

In order to be eligible, participants are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree or in the final stage of graduation.

The financial contribution to support this program includes: the registration procedure; unlimited access, available at any moment, to the content of the modules; counselling and clarifications, by request, for those motivated; technical assistance for a successful graduation of the educational program; issuing the Graduation Certificate and the related Studies Annex; participation in other public events deplyed by the organizers and their partners.      



Registrations are processed on the basis of the Enrollment Form, according to the principle “First come, first served”. The first session begins in April 2021 and will last for two months. 

Additional details can be requested from the Technical Secretariat by e-mail:, or by phone at 0726375855.

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Over 1750 students successfully graduated the online courses and the training sessions of CIO-SUERD, organised in various universities / universities in Romania. Also, a significant number of professionals, managers or experts originating from Romania, working in other EU countries or Canada and the United States, have studied under the aegis of CIO-SUERD. They succeeded to upgrade their own professional / scientific training in order to better understand and valuate the European funded projects or programs, in particular cross-border and transnational cooperation.

They are part of the National Network of Danube Officers, established in 2015, at the Palace of the Parliament.

Online courses

The courses are conducted online (remotely), using an e-learning platform (learning using an electronic platform) and are presented in the form of modules, which can be downloaded and completed at own pace, depending on the time allocated to the course. and the accumulation power of the presented materials. Course graduates will continue to have access to the course modules, as well as other new materials, which will be uploaded to the platform on a regular basis.

Live sessions

The information & training sessions, with a physical presence (live), are held regularly, with the support of invited partners and speakers, on topics of common interest in the field of European funding. At the end of the sessions, the participants receive Diplomas of Participation, issued by the International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD), project coordinated by the EUROLINK Foundation-House of Europe.

Open registration!

Enrollments are accepted on the basis

of the principle ”First come – first served”

by submitting the Enrollment Form.

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