The sole event of Information, Networking and Facilitation
of EU funding in the Danube Region – Black Sea Basin

Under the aegis of the European Commission – DG MARE

Under the aegis of DG MARE – European Commission

Thanks to the kind support of the Commission of European Affairs of the Senate of Romania


Black Sea – Danube Macro-Regional Hub,
chaired by Cluj IT Cluster

 EUROLINK – House of Europe

EUSDR International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in favour of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD) – project in partnership with the Romanian Academy 

CLDR Romania

”Local Communities along the Danube River” Association (CLDR), member of CoDCR, chaired by   Constanta Maritime University

Institutional Partners:
Constanta Maritime University

Project realized in cooperation with the Centre Européen Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles (France)
and with the financial support of the European Program “Europe for citizens”

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Associated Media Partners: National Press Agency AGERPRES, Radio7, Opinia Națională,

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Why to celebrate the


Palatul Parlamentului – Senatul României

31 mai 2019

Prezentarea Pachetelor de Beneficii pentru Parteneri și Sponsori

Detalii tehnice necesare pot fi solicitate Secretariatului Consorțiului Organizatoric,
până în data de 19 aprilie 2019.

Timp rămas până la marcarea Zilei Maritime Europene în România








The European Commission through DG MARE has clearly established the development guidelines that depend mainly on the decision-makers’ self-determination and the practical implementation of a “more integrated approach” for all the major strategies and projects envisaged for the coming years.

This vision made available to all stakeholders is in itself an important incentive, but at a concrete level in Romania, it would be worthwhile to give up any fragmentary, sectarian, limiting approach without the legislative and procedural support agreed by all involved counterparts at the same time. In other words, much has been said so far, some cornerstones have been set, but we do not have a clear order of priorities and projects, we do not have the Danube Naval Transport Strategy, we have not yet prepared an improved legislative framework for the integrated development, still we did not activate the entire mandatory economic incentives for the repositioning of Constanta Port as a real milestone for the re-launch of the entire socio-economic eco-system for the whole Lower Danube Basin, together with the Danube Delta and the Black Sea Coast. Conspiracy theories or antagonistic development scenarios are still expanding on the great Dobrogean port, but in reality the reluctance or rejection of foreign good faith partners such as the Netherlands, Norway and others do not come from obscure economic rivalries. Rather it comes from distrust in the ability of correct and coherent implementation by the Romanian economic operators, in view of fully transpose the EU model and to inter-connect to the open global open trends which are worth to embrace not only Constanta but all the other important key-actors: the port administrations of Galaţi and Giurgiu, the central authorities, the financing program IT Danube Delta or professional associations that include the relevant stakeholders.

Benefits of participation

We designed the agenda in the spirit of a High Level Stakeholders Event, which mainly means  a lot of networking with decision-makers, matchmaking for establishing partner consortia and proposing new projects, especially through public-private partnerships and the chance to influence through institutional lobbying the Action and Measures Plan to be finalized at the end of the meeting. The conference is entitled “Stimulating transnational cooperation through the Danube-Black Sea Macro-Regional Hub”.

The presence of outstanding representatives of the European Commission, the European Affairs Committee of the Romanian Senate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – EUSDR National Coordinator, of the innovation community at the macro-regional level and, last but not least, of the Constanta and Dobrogea areas, we believe it speaks for itself in favor of the importance of involvement.

Expected results

Ne propunem să imprimăm un nou elan formulării strategiei menționate anterior, să evidențiem mai clar care sunt punctele slabe care au interpus anterior bariere și blocaje birocratice inutile și să punem bazele unui veritabil ”leadership colaborativ” la care să angrenăm sprijinul Hub-ului Macro-Regional Dunăre-Marea Neagră, fondat recent la Constanța cu sprijinul Cluj IT Cluster.

We plan to give a new elan in order to formulate the above-mentioned strategy, to more clearly highlight the weaknesses that have previously interfered with unnecessary bureaucratic blockages and bans and to establish a real “collaborative leadership” to engage with the Black Sea – Danube Macro-Regional Hub, recently founded in Constanta with the support of Cluj IT Cluster.

Nu în ultimul rând, vom oferi posibilitatea prezentării unor proiecte de succes și împărtășirii învățămintelor extrase din partea unor experți europeni și a unor practicieni de marcă prin Expoziția organizată în paralel și prin prezentările bunelor practici din cadrul celor două Ateliere de Lucru tematice. La final, vom acorda, în mod tradițional, Trofeele și Diplomele de Excelență “Inovare socială și economică în Bazinul Mării Negre – Regiunea Dunării”.  Realizarea originalelor Trofee aparține CESIRO SA – Sighișoara.

Last but not least, we will offer the opportunity to present successful projects and to share the lessons learned from European experts and leading practitioners through the Exhibition organized in parallel and through presentations of good practices in the two Thematic Workshops. Finally, we will traditionally award the Trophies and Diplomas of Excellence “Black Sea -Danubian Social & Economic Innovator”. The production of the original trophies belongs to CESIRO SA – Sighişoara.

Proposed solutions

Merită să menționăm că Hub-ul nou creat a declanșat o serie de inițiative și acțiuni concrete, a sprijinit formarea unor consorții și a început să depună proiecte de tip transnațional pe diverse linii deschise sau în curs de a fi deschise. Totodată, am inițiat recent o caravană de sesiuni de informare și training, împreună cu unele agenții de dezvoltare regională și alți parteneri zonali, pentru a veni în sprijinul consiliilor regionale de inovare care sunt implicate, împreună cu Comisia Europeană, în revizuirea strategiilor de specializare regională inteligentă (SMART) ce tocmai a început. Experții și antreprenorii care colaborează împreună cu universitari din centre mari precum Cluj, Constanța, Craiova, Timișoara și din Capitală, vin astfel în întâmpinarea nevoilor de perfecționare, atât a acestei expertize inter-disciplinare, cât și a celor care, în special prin Rețeaua Națională a Ofițerilor Dunăreni coordonată de Catedra Internațională Onorifică ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD), își propun să activeze în acest domeniu strategic la nivel național și european.


It is worth mentioning that the newly created Hub has triggered a number of concrete initiatives and actions, supported the formation of consortia and began to deploy transnational projects on various calls. At the same time, we have recently launched a Road-Show of information and training sessions, together with some regional development agencies and other local partners, to support the regional innovation councils involved, together with the European Commission, in the revising process of the regional specialization strategies (SMART) that has just begun. Experts and entrepreneurs who work together with academic representatives from large centers such as Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara and the Capital City, may thus meet the needs of improvement, both of this interdisciplinary expertise and of those who, especially through the National Network of the Danube Officers coordinated by CIO-SUERD, intend to operate in this strategic field at national and European level.

High Level INTERNATIONAL Stakeholders Event

Main Objectives: 

  • on the one hand, to interconnect the key components of Blue Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investments, put in place by the European Commission – DG MARE, and, on the other hand, to provide the possibility to reactivate / dynamize new cooperation platforms in the area, aimed to provide technical assistance in particular to managing environmental protection and combating pollution together with new innovative forms of cooperation with a focus on EU maritime, fisheries and aquaculture policies;
  • to exploit the potential of the new Black Sea-Danube Macro-Regional Hub, which through its services and partnerships to offer innovative solutions and applications for the most diverse areas: trade, technological development, tourism, combating corruption, intercultural dialogue.


  • entrepreneurs and representatives of professional associations
  • researchers, innovators
  • leaders and decision-makers from central and local governments and other public institutions
  • relevant NGOs and academics
  • journalists and specialized observers

The meeting is open to broad stakeholder groups, experts and specialists in various areas of the “Blue Growth“, as well as to leaders and decision-makers from all sectors of activity that support technological and urban innovation and the promotion of key areas such as maritime and river transport, biodiversity conservation, energy policies, Danube and maritime tourism, digital transformation, aquaculture, fishing, etc.

About 100 participants from the EUSDR Member States and the Black Sea Basin are expected to attend the event. All participants receive a courtesy kit offered by DG MARE – European Commission.

Ministerul Afacerilor Externe – Secretar de Stat

Special Gusts & Speakers

Listă previzională

João Aguiar Machado
João Aguiar Machado

Director General - DG MARE


President - ”Up to Us” Association

Călin ILE
Călin ILE

Președintele Federației Industriei Hoteliere din România / Ibis Continental Hotels


Președintele Asociației Port Business Constanța

Senator Cristian GHICA
Senator Cristian GHICA

Vicepreședintele Comisiei pentru Afaceri Europene - Senatul României

Prof. Gabriel RAICU
Prof. Gabriel RAICU

Președintele CLDR România


Coordonator Național SUERD – Ministerul Afacerilor Externe

Drd. Urb. Sabina LEOPA
Drd. Urb. Sabina LEOPA

Director Proiecte Europene - URBASOFIA


Universitatea Maritimă Constanța

Prof. Melania-Gabriela CIOT
Prof. Melania-Gabriela CIOT

Secretar de Stat - Ministerul Afacerilor Externe


Comisar Șef Dunărean, Coordonator General CoDCR (Viena/Ulm)

Prof. Ionuț PURICA
Prof. Ionuț PURICA

Director Executiv al Centrului de Consiliere Energetică-Ambientală/Academia Română

Laurențiu LAZĂR
Laurențiu LAZĂR

Consulul Onorific al Regatului Norvegiei

Prof. Alexandru BOBE
Prof. Alexandru BOBE

Consulul Onorific al Republicii Estoniei / Pro-Rector Universitatea Ovidius



Palace of the Parliament – Senate of Romania – ”Constantin Stere” Hall

Friday, 31 May 2019

09:00 – 10:00 am
Arrival and registration of participants. Receiving the courtesy kits offered by the European Commission – DG MARE. 


 Welcome Buffet.

Networking & Matchmaking

10:00 – 10:30 am
Official Opening under the slogan: ”Plastic-Free Oceans”


Official Messages on the behalf of the following institutions:

  • European Commission – DG MARE – Director General João AGUIAR MACHADO (t.b.c.)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Secretary of State Prof. Melania-Gabriela CIOT
  • President of ”Up to Us” Association – Răzvan ORĂȘANU
  • President of CLDR Romania – Prof. Gabriel RAICU

Amfitrion: Senator Cristian GHICA – Vicepresident of the European Affairs Commission – Senate of Romania 

Special Guests:

  • Peter LANGER – Danube Head Commissioner / General Coordinator of CoDCR (Vienna/Ulm)
  • Radu GORINCIOI – EUSDR National Coordinator – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Cristina CUC – Coordonator Aria Prioritară Transport SUERD – Ministerul Transporturilor
  • Ionuț PURICA – Executive Director Advisory Center for Energy and Environment
  • Pietro ELISEI – EC Programmes UIA and URBACT Expert, Urbasofia’s Director & Founder
  • Jamil BENABDALLAH – Consultant / Association for the Development of Social and Health Tourism

 Moderator: Sever AVRAM – EUROLINK-House of Europe / Danube Regional Commissioner

10:30 – 11:30 am
Thematic Workshops:  
(part I)
  • Debating and Adopting the Strategic Road-Map for maritime energy
  • Improving the integrated policies and maritime governance on the basis of the EU model in the Danube – Black Sea sub-region
11:30 – 11:45  Am
Coffee break


Networking & Matchmaking

11:45 – 12:45 pm
Thematic Workshops:  
(part II)
  • EU Funding sources and financial incentives for the development of nautic, coast and ecological tourism. The opportunity of PPP solutions for local communities and county councils, financed directly from Brussels
  • Ways to promote sustainable aquaculture. The perspective of fishing and  aquaculture in the Danube Delta. Ways to promote sustainable aquaculture. The perspective of fishing and  aquaculture in the Danube Delta

Debating and launching the document ”Actions & Measures Plan in view of revitalising cooperation in the Black Sea – Danube Region”

12:45 – 13:15 PM
Awarding Ceremony 


The Trophies & Diplomas of Excellence ”Black Sea -Danubian Social & Economic Innovator” – 2019 edition

13:15 – 14:00 PM
Networking & Matchmaking


Exhibition of Best Practices & Success Stories from previously developed European projects.

Listă previzională selectivă a invitaților

• Sever AVRAM – Comisar Regional Dunărean, Coordonator General CIO-SUERD
• Jamil BENABDALLAH – Consultant în Dezvoltare Turistică
• Dan DUNGACIU – Fundația Universitară a Mării Negre – Academia Română
• Pietro ELISEI – Expert al Comisiei Europene Programele UIA și URBACT, Director URBASOFIA
• Alexandru ENE – Departamentul Balcanii de Vest și Cooperare Regională – MAE
• Liliana LOMBARDI – Consultant / Evaluator MDRAP
• Laurențiu MIRONESCU – Director COREMAR / Președinte Liga Navală Română
• Anca PAVEL NEDEA – Director Executiv Organizația Patronală Mamaia Constanța
• Victor NEGRESCU – SNSPA, fost Ministru pentru Afaceri Europene
• Petrișor PEIU – Fundația Universitară a Mării Negre – Academia Română
• Petre PRISECARU – Institutul de Economie Mondială – Academia Română
• Florin ȘAGHI – Ministerul Afacerilor Externe
• Daniel Filip TANDREU – Secția Economică – Ambasada Germaniei
• Reprezentantul Comisiei Europene – DG MARE
• Reprezentantul Programului Operaţional Comun „Bazinul Mării Negre” 2014 – 2020
• Reprezentantul Forțelor Navale Române

Consultare Publică



În vederea unei focalizări cât mai pragmatice și a închegării unui Plan de Acțiune comun privind implicarea tuturor responsabililor și inovatorilor în sens larg din Macro-Regiunea Dunării și Bazinul Mării Negre, organizatorii lansează din acest moment și o Consultare Publică asupra domeniilor de interes care vor face obiectul workshop-urilor și al viitorului Plan Strategic de Dezvoltare Integrată.

Documente de lucru supuse dezbaterii:

  1. Scrisoare – Apel Deschis în favoarea promovării unei dezvoltări integrate Dunăre – Portul Constanța – Bazinul Mării Negre 
  2. Chestionar 


Terms of participation

All foreign participants from EUSDR Member States and the Black Sea Basin benefit of fully free attendance. Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered by the organisers. In exchange, we could assist you in recommending best solutions. Concerning the trip to Constanta- Mamaia, technical details will be provided in due time.


Secretariat of the Organising Consortium:

– c/o EUROLINK-House of Europe
Phone/fax: 021.2304997; Mobile: 0723699857