International Honorary Chair ”Jean BART”

in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region


EUSDR International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” – established, in September 2012, by the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation with the kind support and in partnership with the Romanian Academy through its Biodiversity Centre „Acad. David DAVIDESCU” – represents a pan-European flexibile alternative training, promotion and pro-Danubian lobby platform.

Mini Executive MBA (in English):

International Diplomacy in the context of Transformative Digitization


International Honorary Chair “Jean BART” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Affiliations and partnerships of the program:

  • EUSDR Advisory Council – Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Council of Danube Cities and Regions  (CoDCR – Vienna / Ulm)
  • European Network for Education & Training (EUNET – Bonn)
  • Black Sea University Foundation – Romanian Academy / EUROMED Network

This initiative of internationalization of education started in 2012, under the inspiration and guidance of H.E. Ambassador Liviu BOTA, Former UN Deputy-Secretary-General and over time has occasioned a pro-active European and international inter-cooperation with outstanding personalities, among which we mention: 

  • Prof. Francois BEDARD – Director World Centre for Excellence of Destinations (CED, Montreal)
  • Olivier DUPUIS – Ex-Member of the European Parliament
  • Peter FRIEDRICH – Ex-Minister of European Integration, Baden Wurttemberg State – Germany
  • Dr. Ion IFRIM – Institute of Legal Research – Romanian Academy
  • Peter LANGER – Danubian European Commissioner – CoDCR
  • Joaquim Pinto da SILVA – European Citizen Action Service (ECAS, Brussels)
  • Dana SPINANT – European Commission Director
  • Richard STOCK – EUNET President / European Centre Robert Schuman
  • Petra SZAVICS – Horizon 2020, European Commission
  • Emeric Florin ȘAGHI – Plenipotentiary Minister- Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Dr. Cristian ȘTEFAN – Humboldt University / DXC Technology

Mini Executive MBA (in English):


Expert in International Diplomacy in the context of Transformative Digitization


Period: November – December 2020


Following the notorious international diplomatic and economic scandal triggered by Wikileaks (2006) and, subsequently, the one represented by Cambridge Analytica (2014), a series of dramatic global transformations took place in terms of structure and mode of operation of diplomacy and international relations.

Increasingly powerful and pressing, the Social Media, especially through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, have produced as tangible effects as possible regarding the national and international events, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. With the spread of the Fake News phenomenon, with such extensive and brutal reverberations globally, it has become increasingly difficult to operate the difference between real events and manipulative or completely false ones.

The new Mini Executive MBA program aims to relate to the requirements of global markets with a special focus on the fields of diplomacy, international affairs, security and global communication. The implementation and assurance of an efficient management regarding the interaction between the public and private sectors on the world map requires more and more the development of the understanding and the acquisition of specific competences and abilities.


Who are we addressing?

The online medium-term program is addressed to final year students, graduates, masters or other experts who aim to set the basics of this interdisciplinary approach with the practical purpose of preparing them for future stages of study and career in the current evolving global context.

What are the key components?

  • Fundamentals, procedures and good practices of international diplomacy in the 21st century

– the focus is on the key issues that a modern diplomat needs to arm himself with and the skills and knowledge involved in his or her evolution as an international diplomat

– other topics addressed mainly focus on attitudes and action changes in the practical contexts imposed by the current framework based on new models and institutional roles in full interactive evolution

  • New perspectives and mechanisms of global cultural communication

– familiarization and application in practice of methods for assessing and combating controversies, tensions and conflicts arising from inefficient cross-cultural communication

  • The structure and evolution of digitization

– the approach focuses on increasing the importance of the digital component in the international political arena, within the economic life and diplomacy, based on the massive societal changes and within the relations between states and their own citizens.

  • Key elements of economic and business diplomacy

– a main focus is given to the concepts and developments regarding the capacity for evaluation and interaction between business communities and governments, as well as the consequences resulting from the influence of the UN Global Compact

The evaluation consists in the realization of a successful diplomatic project. Students become familiar with the basic elements  of a research plan, the collection and the analysis of data and the elaboration of a final report, closely related to key practical, ethical and philosophical relevant topics. The evaluation consists in producing a short personal research paper in a relevant field of diplomacy, under the guidance of the coordinator, as a starting point for the future career.

Current professional positions & opportunities for graduates:

  • International Diplomat – Expert in Politics, Trade or Consular Services – EU External Action Service, diplomatic embassies and missions, bilateral chambers of commerce
  • Intelligence Specialist in EU or at global level: EUROPOL, EUROJUST, FRONTEX, United Nations Organisation, International Monetary Fund, European Cyber Crime Centre, GRID etc. 
  • Political Analyst – analysis, advice, forecasting new trends
  • Lobbyist – monitoring, research and analysis of legislation, reaching out to policy and decision makers  
  • Communication Specialist in non-profit international organisations: Red Cross, WWF, Green Peace, World Vision, ECOSOC Network etc.




International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD), a project coordinated by the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation and founded in partnership with the Romanian Academy (2012).

“Local Communities along the Danube River” Association (CLDR) – Training Department, member of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions.

General Coordinator: Sever AVRAM, Danube Regional Commissioner – CoDCR




The online program (3 months) is a post-graduate type of course, which are embedded  within the European Union concept of “lifelong learning“, established through the Recommendation of the European Council. The courses are conducted online, in English, between November and December 2020, including personalized regular counseling, through an educational platform, accessible to the student.

The participants receive, following the final evaluation, Certificate of Graduation “Expert in International Diplomacy in the context of Transformative Digitization”  with the detailed Annex of modules and evaluation method, issued by the International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD), project founded by EUROLINK Foundation- House of Europe in partnership with INCE – Biodiversity Center “Acad. David DAVIDESCU ”of the Romanian Academy, an educational institution which, together with the Ministry of Education, is empowered by law to organize post-university training courses and other advanced strategic studies. According to the educational regulations in force, by Law no. 596/2001, the Romanian Academy, through the 30 national research institutes, is empowered to organize both advanced academic studies and doctoral / post-doctoral schools, which are thus recognized at European level.



Registrations are processed on the basis of the Enrollment Form, according to the principle “First come, first served”.  

Additional details can be requested from the Technical Secretariat by e-mail: or by phone at: (+4)0723699857.


Media Partners

Associated Media Partners: National Press Agency AGERPRES, Radio7, Media Partners:,,, Comunicații Mobile,,, Opinia Națională,,, Tribuna Economică, Tomisul Cultural,, ”Buletin Dunărean”.


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  • project counselling
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Over 1750 students successfully graduated the online courses and the training sessions of CIO-SUERD, organised in various universities / universities in Romania. Also, a significant number of professionals, managers or experts originating from Romania, working in other EU countries or Canada and the United States, have studied under the aegis of CIO-SUERD. They succeeded to upgrade their own professional / scientific training in order to better understand and valuate the European funded projects or programs, in particular cross-border and transnational cooperation.

They are part of the National Network of Danube Officers, established in 2015, at the Palace of the Parliament.

Online courses

The courses are conducted online (remotely), using an e-learning platform (learning using an electronic platform) and are presented in the form of modules, which can be downloaded and completed at own pace, depending on the time allocated to the course. and the accumulation power of the presented materials. Course graduates will continue to have access to the course modules, as well as other new materials, which will be uploaded to the platform on a regular basis.

Live sessions

The information & training sessions, with a physical presence (live), are held regularly, with the support of invited partners and speakers, on topics of common interest in the field of European funding. At the end of the sessions, the participants receive Diplomas of Participation, issued by the International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD), project coordinated by the EUROLINK Foundation-House of Europe.

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Enrollments are accepted on the basis

of the principle ”First come – first served”

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International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD)
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