Catedra Internațională Onorifică "Jean BART"
în sprijinul Strategiei UE pentru Regiunea Dunării

Catedra Internațională Onorifică ”Jean Bart” în sprijinul Strategiei UE pentru Regiunea Dunării - reprezintă o platformă pan-europeana flexibilă de formare alternativă, promovare și lobby pro-dunărean.

Bursa ideilor, proiectelor și parteneriatelor inovative și sustenabile

Cea de-a doua reuniune a
Hub-ului Macro-Regional Dunăre-Marea Neagră

Primul Program de Formare Pre-Doctorală

Pregătirea, consilierea și recomandarea personalizată a absolvenților către școlile doctorale ale Academiei Române

Centrul Dunăre - Marea Neagră ”HENRI NEGRESCO”

în sprijinul Alianței Naționale a Organizațiilor de Management al Destinației Turistice din România


We have all entered a new era of massive digitization, and these rapid changes affect both the image and the performance of our organizations / brands. To recover some gaps, to identify new viable partners and to maximize the overall performance of online presence and marketing in the current space in Romania, we launch the Strategic Partnership initiative directly related to the organization’s personalized needs and especially for expanding the base of partners, new projects, starting in 2019.

To this end, we propose the following set of solutions in which we assume specific technical components:

  • based on a free pre-assessment, switching to a “responsive” website design much more easily accessible from mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone)


  • aggressive promotion of your offer / brand through interconnected Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, as the case may be)


  • site optimization (SEO) for increased visibility on Google search engines, so that the site will be listed as high as possible on the first page, based on certain expressions of interest


  • technical administration / permanent maintenance of the site and rhythmic update of the transmitted messages


  • writing articles, messages and press releases and dissemination, including through the support of the Media Partners


  • translation of the site into various languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian


  • Permanent counseling to improve your site and partnerships with other sites or networks / platforms


  • permanent interconnection with the information, projects and events of the European networks we are part of


& Good practices


Here are some projects and platforms from our previous portfolio:



Pan-European flexibile alternative training, promotion and pro-Danubian lobby platform.


National Network of Danube Officers

The National Network of Danube Officers is the interface with the main decision makers of the Danube Strategy at European and national levels.



Danubian Macroregional Innovation Academy

International educational and inter-disciplinary platform


StructuralFunds Platform

Platform for Action & Rapid Intervention of the Civil Society in favour of stimulating the absorption of European Funds




In order to connect to the proposed Strategic Partnership, with the common goal to generate a more friendly and dynamic space for various projects, collaborations and events, we advance the invitation to join our program, on the basis of the Affiliation Form.

Enrollment in this program is free and open to all organizations we previously collaborated with or would like to collaborate from now on. The legal / technical details of this collaboration are to be determined on a case by case basis with each partner.

In the second stage, following the free pre-assessment, the project initiators propose a way of mutual collaboration and support by signing a Framework Partnership Agreement, which will determine through possible additional acts the concrete and most advantageous way of collaboration.

Members' benefits

  • free pre-assessment of the website (identifying issues that are worth addressing for updating and profitability)
  • initial guidelines on using Social Media marketing (what are the channels and platforms you can maximize your online presence and offer)
  • personalized advice on optimal technical solutions (agreeing the set of measures, technical solutions and meeting the most economic costs)
  • information, events and partnership opportunities, including those within the framework of European-funded projects

Open registration!

Registration are based on the completion and submission of the Affiliate Form, and will be processed based on the principle
“First come first served”.

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