The sole event of Information, Networking and Facilitation
of EU funding in the Danube Region – Black Sea Basin

Under the aegis of the European Commission

Under the aegis of the European Commission – DG MARE


”Black Sea – Danube Innovation through Circular Economy
in the context of implementing European Green Deal”

project realized in cooperation with the Centre Européen Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles (France)

and with the financial support of the European program ”Europe for citizens”


 EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation 

Member of EUNET –

European Network for Education & Training


EUSDR International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in favour of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD), project in partnership with the Romanian Academy 

 Tomorrow’s Romania Foundation

– Spiru Haret University   

”Local Communities along the Danube River”  (CLDR)


Knowledge & Institutional Partners

USH Pro Business – Executive Secretariat of the EUSDR Consultative Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – EUSDR Office, Romanian Academy, Maritime University Constanta,  Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment “Ernest Lupan” (Cluj Napoca), National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption (Timisoara), Foundation for a Modern Romania, ”Local Communities along the Danube River” Association (CLDR).

Technical Sponsors

Media Partners

Parteneri Media Asociați: Agenția Națională de Presă AGERPRES, Radio7,

Parteneri Media:,,, Comunicatii Mobile,,, Tribuna Economica,,,, “Danubius infolio”, Tomisul Cultural, Buletin Dunarean. 

Why are we celebrating the 


2019 Edition

Palace of the Parliament – Senate of Romania 

European Maritime Day in Romania starts in:








The Danube-Black Sea Innovation Network was set up, at the initiative of the EUROLINK Foundation-House of Europe, since 2011 (Parliament Palace), on the occasion of the first edition of the European Maritime Day in Romania, and later proved useful by focusing on various types of initiatives. , themes and opportunities for cooperation and funding. This year, when Romania also holds the Presidency of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, at EU level, the meeting takes place under the title “Bridging shores through enhancing cohesion”. The event also takes place on the sidelines of the annual celebration of International Black Sea Day.


The organizers aim to propose and generate robust medium- and long-term solutions to combat climate change and support “Blue Growth” and “Green Growth” by implementing EU legislation and incentives on the circular economy and strengthening the interaction of public and private partners at the macro-regional level  in order to achieve the much needed changes in approach and action.


What are the key topics?

  1. Increased awareness of stakeholders and a common exploration of new practical ways of fighting climate change by concretely taking over the good practices of the circular economy, including those derived from Romania’s strategy in the field, requested by the European Commission
  2. Taking into account that Romania is the third largest financial beneficiary of the Ecological Pact, shaping public-private partnerships in order to ensure access to European funding.


Key Moments:

  • Presentations and debates
  • Business Matching Point – negotiation of partnerships
  • Awarding of the Diplomas of Excellence ”Social & Economic Innovation in the Black Sea Basin – Danube Region” 

High Level Stakeholders Event



  • researchers / innovators and entrepreneurs from the bio-economy/Circular Economy, IT&C, tourism fields;
  • leaders and decision makers from the central and local public administrations and other public institutions;
  • relevant NGOs and academia representatives;
  • journalists and observers.



Wednesday, 4 November 2020

14:00 – 14:30
Registration of participants  

Welcome Coffee.

Networking & Matchmaking Session.

14:30 – 14:35
Welcome speech


Conf. univ. dr. Costin LIANU – Coordinator of the Executive Secretariat of the  EUSDR Consultative Council, Director USH Pro Business

14:35 – 15:30


  • Introductory presentation on behalf of the organisers
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – EUSDR Office 
  • Ambassador Prof. dr. Eng. Ovidiu Sorin CUPȘA – Maritime Ambassador International Maritime Organization/ General Director – CERONAV
  • Romanian Academy / Romanian Association of Energy and Economy  – Prof. univ. dr. Ionuț PURICA
  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Petre PRISECARU – World Economy Institute – Romanian Academy
  • Constanța Municipality – Mayor Vergil CHIȚAC (t.b.c.)
  • Maritime University Constanța – ProDean Gabriel RAICU Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment “Ernest Lupan” – Cluj Napoca
  • KM Institute România, branch of IKMI United States – Dr. Octavian ȘERBAN 
  • Marius PĂȘCULEA – Peelhy Biotech / IRCEM
  • Romanian Geography Professors Society / Hyperion University – Prof. Mădălina ANDREI
  • Romanian Ecological Action Foundation (AER, Craiova) – Prof. Teclu CODRESI
  • Red Cross Bucharest District 5 – President Ana UNGUREANU
  • Drd Ionuț CUREA – European Commission, DG Agriculture
  • Florian CIOLACU – President of the Romanian Farmers’ Club 
  • Ec. Gheorghe GRĂDIȘTEANU – Consultant – European Funds

Moderator: Prof. Assoc. Sever AVRAM – EUSDR International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD)

15:30 – 16:15
  • EUSDR Flagship projects.
  • Questions and answers..
  • Conclusions.
16:15 – 16:30
Awarding diplomas
  • Diplomas of Excellence ”Social & Economic Innovation in the Black Sea Basin – Danube Region”
16:30 – 17:00 
Business Matching Point 


Structuring new partnership consortia


  • The event will take place online, on the 4th of November2020, at 14.30, using the Go ToMeeting app (the access code will be sent after filling in the Enrollment form.
  • Due to the social distance rules imposed by the authorities for the prevention of Coronavirus disease, the participation to the event will be possible only for speakers up to 10 people.
  • The event will be broadcasted live: House of Europe Facebook page
  • For more details, please contact us: 0723.699.857, e-mail:, or: 0736.527.415, e-mail: 

Online participation


Secretariat of the Organising Consortium 

– c/o EUROLINK-House of Europe
Mobile: 0723699857