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• In the new Tourism Law,  Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) enjoy of a special place.
• Each DMO will be structured has a public-private partnership (PPP).
• The tourist promotion tax will no longer be charged by cities but by DMOs.
• Decisions regarding the tourist promotion tax will be based on approved strategies by DMO members and will be made by vote.

Destinations in Romania might wish to take advantage of developing a partnership with the World Centre of Excellence in Destinations. Mr. Sever AVRAM has been appointed director of CED for the Black Sea and Danube Region.

Relation between CED and UNWTO
• The World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED) was created in 2007 with the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
• The CED’s mission is to guide destinations worldwide towards excellence by supporting them in their efforts to foster sustainable development and increase their abilities to generate economic, social and cultural benefits.
• A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in 2007 between CED and UNWTO to committing both to work collaboratively for the development and implementation of the System of Measures for Excellence in Destinations (SMED).
• SMED is a tool for disseminating know-how and good practices which help tourist destinations reach excellence by:

• Reinforcing (strengthening) their competitiveness;

• Enhancing sustainable development of tourism, maximizing the social and economic benefits of the local community;

• lmproving quality of service and experiences; and

• lmplementing geo-tourism, defined as “enhancing the geographical character of place, its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.”

Benefits for each destination in Romania after implementing the SMED
• Recognition as an innovative destination seeking excellence through their involvement in the development of the SMED, a global-scale project;
• The uniting of local decision-makers and operators, public and private, around a mobilizing project aimed at developing the sustainable performance of the destination’s tourist activities;
• The acquisition of general advice and recommendations on the development and management of the destination, which will help the destination to improve its excellence;
• The best practice experience coming from all around the world to be applied within the destination.

SMED Certificate
A certificate will be issued to each destination having implementing the SMED

Global Network of SMED Destinations
SMED destinations in Romania will be added to the Global networK of destinations committed to excellence in partnership with CED.
To date over 200 municipalities and villages located in several regions and countries around the world have benefitted from the SMED.

The following is a summary of our proposal.
Why is the Excellence of the Tourist Destination important? 

• Cost reduction

• Attraction of new international tourists

• Integrated project management

• Reinforced brand

Unique opportunity for: 

• International promotion

• Great marketing

• Planning and development solutions

• Access to financing

Categories of beneficiaries:

• Operators and suppliers

• Mayors and county councils

• Target groups of visitors

• Destination Inhabitants

Target results:

• Flexible introduction of recommended innovations with tangible impact

• Integration into the CED World Network of Destinations of Excellence

Steps to be taken: 

• Organizing the Information-Awareness-Training Session at the local level through the CED Representation

• Preparation of the official CED mission

• Specialized training and counseling for working groups for operators, suppliers, distributors, OMD experts

• Agreeing and signing the Official Partnership for Excellence between the DMO and the CED

• Providing the CED confidential report with improvement solutions for DMO members

• Issuing the SMED

• Offering consultancy for two years to evaluate the progress and maximize the results of the Destination of Excellence


We invite you to take advantage of this special opportunity to boost Romania among the countries that manage to bring, through tourism, most of the prosperity and GDP reflected both for the quality of the services and for the satisfaction of the inhabitants of the destinations of excellence.   Best regards,

Prof. Francois BEDARD

Founding Director



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