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12 years

since the launching of

CIO-SUERD ”Jean Bart” and

27 years

since the establishing of the

EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation

International Honorary Chair ”Jean BART”
in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region

EUSDR International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD) – established, in September 2012, by the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation with the kind support and in partnership with the Romanian Academy through its ”Acad. David DAVIDESCU” Biodiversity Centre .

This represents a leading internationalisation educational platform founded in accordance and thanks to the lifelong learning (LLL) studies system, promoted and recommended by the UNESCO Lifelong Learning Institute (Hamburg) and the Council of European Union.

We guide you from enrollment to your succesfull graduation! 
The International Honorary Chair (CIO-SUERD) offers guidance to all (postgraduate) students from the moment of choosing the specialization to the desired certification and the obtaining of the Letter of Recommendation from CIO-SUERD.

”Lifelong learning” system also represents, according to the Art. 180 of Romanian Higher Education Law 199/2023, all the learning activities carried out by each person at any stage of life in formal, non-formal and informal contexts, resulting in an improvement or updating of knowledge, of skills and abilities, competences and attitudes or participation in society from a personal, civic, social or employment-related perspective, including by providing counseling and career guidance services. At the same time, in addition (Art. 181), learning of this type is focused on the training and development of skills such as: the key skills defined by the EU Council Recommendation of 2018; professional skills specific to a field of activity or a qualification; transversal skills (..), skills that can be used in a wide variety of situations and work environments, including those found in the European ESCO portal.

All intellectual property rights on the content of the courses are reserved, according to the legislation in force regarding copyright, of an economic and moral nature, to the Publishing House of the EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation, since its establishment in 1997.

Session March 2024:








Nota Bene:

The Graduation Certificates, with the detailed annex of the modules and the evaluation method, are issued by the International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD) – founded by the EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation with the kind support and in partnership with the Romanian Academy through its Biodiversity Centre „Acad. David DAVIDESCU”. Also, CIO-SUERD ”Jean Bart” is represented within the EUSDR Advisory Council belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Romanian Academy (an institution initially founded in 1866, under the name of the Romanian Academic Society) is also a prestigious educational institution which, together with the Ministry of Education, is legally authorized to organize postgraduate training courses. According to the educational regulations in force, the Romanian Academy, through the 30 national research institutes, is authorized to organize both advanced studies and doctoral / post-doctoral schools, which are thus recognized at European level. .

As an international recognition, the Romanian Academy has been designated as the only institutional representative of Romania within the International Science Council (Paris).

Awarding Ceremony of the Diploma of Excellence to Prof. Mădălin BUNOIU, Vice-Rector of Western University in Timișoara/President of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS)

Instead of motto:

From booking 

to … HIRING !

-this is how we connect our graduates to the labor market


How prepared are we, both at systemic level, as well as each of us, in view of responding to the expectations and challenges we are facing today? There is not enough needed inter-connection between the level of academic education, from the point of view of the labor market, and the real reasons that influence graduates to choose more and more new professional and life routes.

Still not enough number of European universities are qualified to adapt to the current social-economic needs and challanges. There is enough space to encourage the inter-disciplinary and pro-entrepreneurial approach, the diversification of education providers or the development of critical thinking and the strengthening of emotional intelligence as future competences.

To whom this educational offer is addressed within EU, with a special focus on Danube Region and Black Sea Basin 

  • post-graduate / PhD students interested in a multi- and inter-disciplinary educational and practical approach
  • to researchers and innovators
  • to consultants and managers involved in the economic innovation process
  • development planners and strategists from the public, NGO and private sector
  • to young and mid-level entrepreneurs, also involving the SME sector and representatives of consumers’ associations
  • to decision-makers and executives from the international organisations
  • other scholars and scientists involved within the current changing process

27 years of experience

Firstly, as part of the FIME Network and then of EUNET, the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation has a solid and vast experience in project management or within information and training partnerships at EU level


In practice, we organised dozens of live and online practical sessions, in the European Commission system Life-long learning, including personalized counseling / mentoring and professional recommendation of graduates.


Since 2012, through the partnership agreed with the Romanian Academy and via the cooperation with various institutes and scientific centers or universities, CIO-SUERD graduates receive official recognition through the Graduation Certificate and a related Annex.

The European Network

Innitially, we developed a network of Romanian graduates who improved their own competences and abilities in the most diverse inter-disciplinary fields. At this stage, we are establishing a pan-European network of experts and innovators.


In a flexible way, the assessment of the participants is carried out remotely (online, via a moodle electronic platform), based on a personal project proposal, framed by the topics covered, or a test with key topics, directly derived from the content.


The enrollment procedure is easy and the access to the e-learning platform is available immediately.

Special Benefits

  • 6 months continuous access to the platform
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • proposal for co-operation and internship opportunities 
  • Counselling for projects 
  • Personalised guidance to hiring or completing further studies


of the alumni have recommended

CIO-SUERD programs,

also giving them the possibility

to obtain certain discounts

or additional benefits 

Nota Bene:

At global / pan-European level, our institution deploys a large variety of initiatives, projects and related events and activities, as for example:
DIGITAL UPGRADE PROJECT – special designed tool to promote and increase the competitiveness of various partner organisations in the field of branding, content writing, translations, interconnection with European networks, etc.;
Training & Educational Support Centre – involving support for academic success of scientific papers, career coaching, training and live mentorship, networking;
– interconnection and consultancy participation to various EU funded projects, especially including recovery and resilience post-pandemic transnational projects.
– Support for organising European & international conferences and other various events in the field of European Affairs;
PROFEX National Network of Promotors, Facilitators and Experts devoted to consolidate the modernisation & responsible regeneration support.

In a new context, the opening of the cycle of online courses for

EU Expert and Entrepreneur in the
Management of Circular Economy and Sustainable Development

Why is the epidemic crisis “COVID-19” not only exercing a strong health pressure, but it can also represent a great opportunity for professional reconversion and economic recovery?  

At a global level, the transition towards digitalization and the extension of the use of remote work were already a priority alternative concerning the increasing of the  competitiveness and the changing of the professional routes within many companies and at the level of all employees, not just among young people!

The stand-by status of many economic sectors, as well as the delays of important development projects, gives the opportunity to use this phase of relative disorientation and stagnation in order to grant a real ocasion to using the new e-learning methods (online) and familiarisation of new professional fields with remote working style.

Why chose the CIO-SUERD ”Jean Bart” program?

  • already enjoying from a long-term testing period, it proves to be extremely flexible as practical conditions and is also focused on case studies and transferable best practices;

  • it is addressed to all those who aim for a successful career in the EU and international context, focusing on a simultaneous validation according to the crucial transformations at macro-regional and international levels;

  • from 2012 till present, the graduates of various types of courses with an inter-disciplinary character have valuated their skills and abilities not only at their work place, but also in many other international contexts, including through participation in working groups, European projects. and networking and lobbying events.

Additional benefits for the participants:

  • LIVE online sessions (webinars) for dynamic inter-connection regarding the problems, obstacles or solutions involved

  • practical counselling and support given to the students and graduates who wish to activate or be part of working groups / task-forces in the fields concerned

  • Letter of Recommendation in view of establishing collaborations / employment in the professional actions and activities of the organizational consortium or of various European / international organizations

  • Certificate of Graduation, accompanied by a detailed Annex.

Scientific Advisory Board: 

The CIO-SUERD Scientific Advisory Board includes prestigious academic personalities, as well as experts, consultants and promoters of innovation at macro-regional and European level, such as:

Consultative Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Univ. Dr. Habil Eric GILDER – “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu / Papua New Guinea University of Technology  

General Coordinator: Prof. Asoc. Sever AVRAM – Executive President EUROLINK – House of Europe, Bucharest

  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Francois BEDARD – World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED, Montreal);
  • Dr. Ing. Urb. Pietro ELISEI – European Commission Expert in Urban Planning / President of ISOCARP;
  • Richard STOCK – President, European Network for Education and Training / Robert Schuman European Centre (Germany/France);
  • Peter LANGER – General Coordinator, Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CoDCR)/European Academy of the Danube (Ulm);
  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Vito A. D’ARMENTO – European Expert in Educational Sciences (Italy);
  • Jamil BENABDALLAH – H64 Blockchain For Growth (Paris);
  • Miklos BARABAS – House of Europe (Budapest);
  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Dumitru BORȚUN – Faculty of Communication and Public Relations – SNSPA;
  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Petre PRISECARU – Institute of World Economy of the Romanian Academy;
  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Ion IFRIM – Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy/Dean of the Faculty of Law – Hyperion University;
  • Lecturer Univ. Dr. Mădălina ANDREI – Counsellor, National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPM, Romania);
  • Dr. Ing. ec. Elena-Simina LAKATOS – Director General, Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment “Ernest Lupan” (Cluj);
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriel RAICU – Vice-Rector, Maritime University of Constanta/CLDR Romania;
  • Lecturer Univ. Dr. Gabriela DAVID – Vasile Goldiș Western University;
  • Dr. Costin LIANU – Executive Secretariat of the EUSERD / USH Pro Business Advisory Council;
  • Prof. Asoc. Dr. Georgeta GHEȚE-DĂNĂU – CINAQ Association;
  • Prof. Teclu CODREȘI – President “Romanian Ecological Action” Craiova
  • Dr. Sabina DIMITRIU – Deputy Director URBASOFIA (Roma-București);
  • Ec. Dipl. Corina POPESCU – E-Commerce Consultant – Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
  • Ionuț SOCOL – DPO Consultant, Euro Market Solutions Iași


1. ”International Diplomacy in the context of Transformative Digitization”Open registration!

The new Mini Executive MBA program aims to relate to the requirements of global markets with a special focus on the fields of diplomacy, international affairs, security and global communication.

2. ”Management of Circular Economy and Environment Protection”Open registration!

Simina LAKATOS, PhD – Representative in Romania for Circular Economy – DG Environment, European Commission – General Manager, Institute for Research in Circular and Environmental Economy “Ernest Lupan”;

Aida SZILAGYI, PhD – National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption.

3. ”Management of Bio-Economy, Innovation and Governance” (available in Romanian language)

Prof. Petre PRISECARU – Institutul de Economie Mondială, Academia Română;

Prof. Ion IFRIM – Institute of Legal Research – Romanian Academy / School of Advanced Studies of the Romanian Academy – INCE

4. ”Urban Development and Innovation – Smart City” (available in Romanian language)

Dr. Eng. Urb. Pietro ELISEI – Urban Planning Expert of the European Commission/ISOCARP/General Manager URBASOFIA;

Prof. Gabriel RAICU – ViceRector, Maritime University in Constanta/ President CLDR Romania

CIO-SUERD General Coordinator: Sever AVRAM – Executive President EUROLINK – House of Europe

Invitation to support academic and professional career development in European context

Affiliation to the International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD)

 Benefits, opportunities and privileges for the members of CIO-SUERD

  • publication of articles, presentations and interventions of a scientific and formative nature within the special web section 

  • especially dedicated web section to briefly presenting the relevant personal profile and portfolio 

  • proposal to affiliation and involvement within the Working Groups, including giving the opportunity to make public their own presentation / proposals

  • delivery of annual affiliation certificate, accompanied by an explicit annex presenting the participation to specific activities, initiatives and projects within the International Honorary Chair 

  • providing the Letter of Recommendation certifying the contributions and concrete results of their activity, with a special focus in view of their professional career upgrading at national, European and international levels

  • on behalf of CIO-SUERD, offering special invitations to important public events, located worldwide  

  • promoting the outstanding professional activities of the members through “Danube Bulletin”, the online publication edited by CLDR Romania  

For the current academic year, the registration of the affiliation of motivated persons will take place on the basis of submitting the personal CV, accompanigned by the Affiliation Form dully completed, to the attn. of Mr. Sandu ZAMFIRESCU at  

CIO-SUERD is an affiliated member of the

Danube – Black Sea Macro-Regional Hub 

European Network of Danube Commissioners and Officers (CoDCR) 

European Network for Education & Training (EUNET)

EUROMED – European Commission –  Anna Lindh Foundation

Selective List of Partners 

European Danube Academy (Ulm, Germany)

Robert Schuman European Centre

Europe House Budapest

World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED, Montreal – Canada)

Romanian Academy – INCE – Biodiversity Centre 

Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy

Romanian Senate – European Affairs Committee

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – EUSDR National Coordinator

CLDR Romania

Maritime University in Constanta

URBASOFIA (Rome – Bucharest) 

Easy, flexibile & efficient

Over 1750 students successfully graduated the online courses and the training sessions of CIO-SUERD, organised in various universities / universities in Romania. Also, a significant number of professionals, managers or experts originating from Romania, working in other EU countries or Canada and the United States, have studied under the aegis of CIO-SUERD. They succeeded to upgrade their own professional / scientific training in order to better understand and valuate the European funded projects or programs, in particular cross-border and transnational cooperation.

They are part of the National Network of Danube Officers, established in 2015, at the Palace of the Parliament.

Online courses

The courses are conducted online (remotely), using an e-learning platform (learning using an electronic platform) and are presented in the form of modules, which can be downloaded and completed at own pace, depending on the time allocated to the course. and the accumulation power of the presented materials. Course graduates will continue to have access to the course modules, as well as other new materials, which will be uploaded to the platform on a regular basis.

Live sessions

The information & training sessions, with a physical presence (live), are held regularly, with the support of invited partners and speakers, on topics of common interest in the field of European funding. At the end of the sessions, the participants receive Diplomas of Participation, issued by the International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD), project coordinated by the EUROLINK Foundation-House of Europe.


International Honorary Chair ”Jean Bart” (CIO-SUERD)
c/o EUROLINK-House of Europe 
Mobile: 0723699857
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